Security Vulnerabilities Published In August 2000

Interactions between the CIFS Browser Protocol and NetBIOS as implemented in Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 allow remote attackers to modify dynamic NetBIOS name cache entries via a spoofed Browse Frame Request in a unicast or UDP broadcast datagram.
Max Base Score
Published 2000-08-29
Updated 2017-12-19
EPSS 1.76%
Buffer overflow in mailx mail command (aka Mail) on Linux systems allows local users to gain privileges via a long -c (carbon copy) parameter.
Max Base Score
Published 2000-08-08
Updated 2008-09-10
EPSS 0.04%
The SalesLogix Eviewer allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service by accessing the URL for the slxweb.dll administration program, which does not authenticate the user.
Max Base Score
Published 2000-08-03
Updated 2008-09-10
EPSS 2.76%
3 vulnerabilities found
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