Microsoft : Security Vulnerabilities Published In 1999 (Bypass)

Windows NT does not properly download a system policy if the domain user logs into the domain with a space at the end of the domain name.
Max Base Score
Published 1999-11-18
Updated 2018-08-13
EPSS 1.00%
Windows NT Terminal Server performs extra work when a client opens a new connection but before it is authenticated, allowing for a denial of service.
Max Base Score
Published 1999-08-09
Updated 2018-10-12
EPSS 0.36%
In some cases, Service Pack 4 for Windows NT 4.0 can allow access to network shares using a blank password, through a problem with a null NT hash value.
Max Base Score
Published 1999-02-08
Updated 2018-10-12
EPSS 1.99%
3 vulnerabilities found
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