Wordpress » Wordpress : Security Vulnerabilities Published In 2009 (Denial of service)

Algorithmic complexity vulnerability in wp-trackback.php in WordPress before 2.8.5 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU consumption and server hang) via a long title parameter in conjunction with a charset parameter composed of many comma-separated "UTF-8" substrings, related to the mb_convert_encoding function in PHP.
Max Base Score
Published 2009-10-23
Updated 2017-11-21
EPSS 3.36%
wp-admin/admin.php in WordPress and WordPress MU before 2.8.1 does not require administrative authentication to access the configuration of a plugin, which allows remote attackers to specify a configuration file in the page parameter to obtain sensitive information or modify this file, as demonstrated by the (1) collapsing-archives/options.txt, (2) akismet/readme.txt, (3) related-ways-to-take-action/options.php, (4) wp-security-scan/securityscan.php, and (5) wp-ids/ids-admin.php files. NOTE: this can be leveraged for cross-site scripting (XSS) and denial of service.
Max Base Score
Published 2009-07-10
Updated 2018-10-10
EPSS 18.27%
wp-admin/upgrade.php in WordPress, probably 2.6.x, allows remote attackers to upgrade the application, and possibly cause a denial of service (application outage), via a direct request.
Max Base Score
Published 2009-04-28
Updated 2017-08-17
EPSS 0.65%
3 vulnerabilities found
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