Abacus : Security Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability within the authentication process of Abacus ERP allows a remote attacker to bypass the second authentication factor. This issue affects: Abacus ERP v2022 versions prior to R1 of 2022-01-15; v2021 versions prior to R4 of 2022-01-15; v2020 versions prior to R6 of 2022-01-15; v2019 versions later than R5 (service pack); v2018 versions later than R5 (service pack). This issue does not affect: Abacus ERP v2019 versions prior to R5 of 2020-03-15; v2018 versions prior to R7 of 2020-04-15; v2017 version and prior versions and prior versions.
Max Base Score
Published 2022-04-19
Updated 2022-04-27
EPSS 0.21%
oauth/oauth2/v1/saml/ in Abacus OAuth Login 2019_01_r4_20191021_0000 before prior to R4 (20.11.2019 Hotfix) allows Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) via an error message.
Max Base Score
Published 2020-03-11
Updated 2020-03-20
EPSS 0.08%
2 vulnerabilities found
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