Vulnerabilities By Weakness Types

Year Overflow Memory Corruption Sql Injection XSS Directory Traversal File Inclusion CSRF XXE SSRF Open Redirect Input Validation
2017 43 43
2018 92
2019 66
2020 31
2023 1
Total 43 233

Vulnerabilities by impact types

Year Code Execution Bypass Privilege Escalation Denial of Service Information Leak
2017 25 4
2018 91 6
2019 66 4
2020 28 1
Total 210 15

This page lists vulnerability statistics for all versions of Microsoft » Chakracore. Vulnerability statistics provide a quick overview for security vulnerabilities of Chakracore. You can view versions of this product or security vulnerabilities of Microsoft Chakracore .

Please note that we generate vendor, product and version statistics based on CVE and CPE data and there may be inconsistencies in data sometimes or statistics may not be reliable due to certain circumstances.

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