• Windows ANI LoadAniIcon() Chunk Size Stack Buffer Overflow (SMTP)
    Disclosure Date: 2007-03-28
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in the LoadAniIcon() function of USER32.dll. The flaw is triggered through Outlook Express by using the CURSOR style sheet directive to load a malicious .ANI file. This vulnerability was discovered by Alexander Sotirov of Determina and was rediscovered, in the wild, by McAfee. Authors: - hdm <x@hdm.io> - skape <mmiller@hick.org>
  • MS03-020 Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Type
    Disclosure Date: 2003-06-04
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This module exploits a vulnerability in Internet Explorer's handling of the OBJECT type attribute. Authors: - skape <mmiller@hick.org>
  • MS02-065 Microsoft IIS MDAC msadcs.dll RDS DataStub Content-Type Overflow
    Disclosure Date: 2002-11-02
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This module can be used to execute arbitrary code on IIS servers that expose the /msadc/msadcs.dll Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) Remote Data Service (RDS) DataFactory service. The service is exploitable even when RDS is configured to deny remote connections (handsafe.reg). The service is vulnerable to a heap overflow where the RDS DataStub 'Content-Type' string is overly long. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.1 through 2.6 are known to be vulnerable. Authors: - aushack <patrick@osisecurity.com.au>
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