• MagnusBilling application unauthenticated Remote Command Execution.
    Disclosure Date: 2023-06-26
    First seen: 2023-11-05
    A Command Injection vulnerability in MagnusBilling application 6.x and 7.x allows remote attackers to run arbitrary commands via unauthenticated HTTP request. A piece of demonstration code is present in `lib/icepay/icepay.php`, with a call to an exec(). The parameter to exec() includes the GET parameter `democ`, which is controlled by the user and not properly sanitised/escaped. After successful exploitation, an unauthenticated user is able to execute arbitrary OS commands. The commands run with the privileges of the web server process, typically `www-data` or `asterisk`. At a minimum, this allows an attacker to compromise the billing system and its database. The following MagnusBilling applications are vulnerable: - MagnusBilling application version 6 (all versions); - MagnusBilling application up to version 7.x without commit 7af21ed620 which fixes this vulnerability; Authors: - h00die-gr3y <h00die.gr3y@gmail.com> - Eldstal
1 metasploit modules found
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