• Sendmail SMTP Address prescan Memory Corruption
    Disclosure Date: 2003-09-17
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This is a proof of concept denial of service module for Sendmail versions 8.12.8 and earlier. The vulnerability is within the prescan() method when parsing SMTP headers. Due to the prescan function, only 0x5c and 0x00 bytes can be used, limiting the likelihood for arbitrary code execution. Authors: - aushack <patrick@osisecurity.com.au>
  • Samba 2.2.2 - 2.2.6 nttrans Buffer Overflow
    Disclosure Date: 2003-04-07
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This module attempts to exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability present in versions 2.2.2 through 2.2.6 of Samba. The Samba developers report this as: "Bug in the length checking for encrypted password change requests from clients." The bug was discovered and reported by the Debian Samba Maintainers. Authors: - hdm <x@hdm.io>
  • Solaris in.telnetd TTYPROMPT Buffer Overflow
    Disclosure Date: 2002-01-18
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This module uses a buffer overflow in the Solaris 'login' application to bypass authentication in the telnet daemon. Authors: - MC <mc@metasploit.com> - cazz <bmc@shmoo.com>
  • System V Derived /bin/login Extraneous Arguments Buffer Overflow
    Disclosure Date: 2001-12-12
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This exploit connects to a system's modem over dialup and exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in it's System V derived /bin/login. The vulnerability is triggered by providing a large number of arguments. Authors: - I)ruid <druid@caughq.org>
  • Irix LPD tagprinter Command Execution
    Disclosure Date: 2001-09-01
    First seen: 2020-04-26
    This module exploits an arbitrary command execution flaw in the in.lpd service shipped with all versions of Irix. Authors: - optyx <optyx@no$email.com> - hdm <x@hdm.io>
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