You can create custom RSS feeds to follow CVEs in your favorite products or vulnerabilities matching a certain criteria.

To create a new RSS feed, you can use RSS Feed links on vendor, product and version pages. Or you can use the new feed form.

Rate limiting is applied to RSS feeds, 10 requests per 5 minute window per feed url is allowed. The feed url will respond with http status code 429 when the rate limit is exceeded. The rate limit will automatically reset in a few minutes and you don't need to do anything to fix it other than waiting for a few minutes. Please let us know if you encounter this issue more often than expected.

You can either create RSS feeds for individual items such as products or you can create RSS feeds for items with a given label or items in your tech stack. This allows users to track updates for multiple items in a single feed.

Upcoming changes
  • OPML exports
  • Additional changes to the feed form to improve user experience
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