We monitor open source repositories and discover individual code changes related to security issues.

Please note that we do not run source code analysis (e.g SAST) to discover issues, we only process changes to discover issues mentioning CVE ids and/or certain vulnerabilities and phrases.

CVEs and fix information

For example, let's consider the timeline for CVE-2023-45802, we can immediately see that this CVE was referenced in a commit in Apache Http Server git repository. With minimal effort we can find out exactly when a fixed version was released, and exactly what version contains the fix. We can quickly jump to the source code repository for more information.

Just imagine how much time you saved by using CVEdetails.com in this case. Without CVEdetails, you would manually locate Apache Http Server source repository, browse/search for changes there trying to find the code change.

Repository topics, hashtags

We process code changes in repositories and add labels to individual commits, creating a list of topics in the repository. CVEdetails.com users can easily view topics, related to security, in source repositories. This immediately gives users an idea on what issues are affecting the repository and the product.

In the following example we can see what tags were discovered in Nodejs github repository in the last 90 days. By just looking at this summary, we can see what CVEs were worked on, what type of vulnerabilities were handled. Again helping us save a lot of time.

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