SecurityScorecard attack surface intelligence continuously scans the entire internet and collects attack surface data. utilizes data provided by SecurityScorecard attack surface intelligence and generates threat overviews for products and CVE and attack surface summaries for organizations.

Product and CVE threat overviews

We generate threat overviews, summaries, for CVEs and products discoverable from the internet. Threat overviews include summary information on where we discovered this CVE/product, top open ports discovered on systems with this issue/product, ISPs and threat actors.

Threat overviews show us how prevalent the CVE or product is. For example an issue affecting OpenSSH typically may affect millions of IPs worldwide, but an issue affecting Apache Cassandra might be discovered at a small number of IPs.
Issues in more widely used products typically have higher risk as they can affect a large number of targets and they can easily turn into a global pandemic.

CVEs discoverable from the internet inherently pose a higher risk due to the fact that they are exposed to the internet and any attacker may detect their existence and try to exploit them.

Domain attack surface summary and digital footprint

Utilizing data from SecurityScorecard attack surface intelligence and attribution data, creates attack surface summaries for domains/organizations.

Domain attack surface summaries include:

  • Geo location, ISP and product/service data for IPs attributed to the domain
  • List of IPs attributed to the domain
  • List of products (e.g OpenSSH, Apache http server etc) discovered on IPs attributed to the domain
  • CVEs detected on IPs attributed to the domain

Users can view details of individual IPs and see open ports, discovered products and CVEs detected on the IP address. All of this data is collected from the internet non-intrusively which sometimes might reduce the accuracy of findings but this data shows what's visible from the outside even without any intrusive methods. Using a building analogy, this is what your building looks like to the naked eye from the street.

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