can send you email alerts when certain events take place. The following events are supported at the moment:

  • For CVEs affecting a vendor, product and version. For example CVEs, matching sql injection category, affecting Wordpress.
  • For CVEs in CISA KEV catalog. For example daily list of new CVEs added to CISA KEV catalog.
  • For CVEs created by a certain CNA/assigner. For example a daily list of new CVEs created by github
  • When a public exploit is discovered for a CVE or if/when a specific CVE is added to the CISA KEV catalog.

Alert configuration

Users can configure alerts using the Alerts link found on various pages like vendor, product, CVE details pages. New alert form contains inline documentation for configuration options, please see inline documentation for more information.

For maximum flexibility we include alert name in email subjects and alert description in email bodies. Please note that using html tags is not supported in alert names or descriptions.

Only one email per day will be sent per alert configuration, even if the alert configuration would lead to multiple emails per day. This is required to limit the number of emails sent and getting blocked by various email security solutions.
If you have for example 10 alert configurations, you will receive 10 emails per day, one for each, assuming alert configurations lead to an alert on that day.

We use an external email service provider to send emails and sometimes users might get unsubscribed from receiving emails inadvertently. Please let us know if you are having trouble receiving emails or if you stop receiving emails unexpectedly.
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