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Vulnerability Details : CVE-2009-0637

The SCP server in Cisco IOS 12.2 through 12.4, when Role-Based CLI Access is enabled, does not enforce the CLI view configuration for file transfers, which allows remote authenticated users with an attached CLI view to (1) read or (2) overwrite arbitrary files via an SCP command.
Publish Date : 2009-03-27 Last Update Date : 2017-08-29
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- CVSS Scores & Vulnerability Types

CVSS Score
Confidentiality Impact Complete (There is total information disclosure, resulting in all system files being revealed.)
Integrity Impact Complete (There is a total compromise of system integrity. There is a complete loss of system protection, resulting in the entire system being compromised.)
Availability Impact Complete (There is a total shutdown of the affected resource. The attacker can render the resource completely unavailable.)
Access Complexity High (Specialized access conditions exist. It is hard to exploit and several special conditions must be satisfied to exploit)
Authentication Single system (The vulnerability requires an attacker to be logged into the system (such as at a command line or via a desktop session or web interface).)
Gained Access None
Vulnerability Type(s)
CWE ID 264

- Products Affected By CVE-2009-0637

# Product Type Vendor Product Version Update Edition Language
1 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yb Version Details Vulnerabilities
2 OS Cisco IOS 12.2cx Version Details Vulnerabilities
3 OS Cisco IOS 12.2rc Version Details Vulnerabilities
4 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zj Version Details Vulnerabilities
5 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ys Version Details Vulnerabilities
6 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sy Version Details Vulnerabilities
7 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xh Version Details Vulnerabilities
8 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zd Version Details Vulnerabilities
9 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yn Version Details Vulnerabilities
10 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sxa Version Details Vulnerabilities
11 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xt Version Details Vulnerabilities
12 OS Cisco IOS 12.2fx Version Details Vulnerabilities
13 OS Cisco IOS 12.2src Version Details Vulnerabilities
14 OS Cisco IOS 12.2bw Version Details Vulnerabilities
15 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ja Version Details Vulnerabilities
16 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sm Version Details Vulnerabilities
17 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixc Version Details Vulnerabilities
18 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zya Version Details Vulnerabilities
19 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xc Version Details Vulnerabilities
20 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yy Version Details Vulnerabilities
21 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yh Version Details Vulnerabilities
22 OS Cisco IOS 12.2svc Version Details Vulnerabilities
23 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xn Version Details Vulnerabilities
24 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ew Version Details Vulnerabilities
25 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yc Version Details Vulnerabilities
26 OS Cisco IOS 12.2cy Version Details Vulnerabilities
27 OS Cisco IOS 12.2s Version Details Vulnerabilities
28 OS Cisco IOS 12.2fy Version Details Vulnerabilities
29 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zl Version Details Vulnerabilities
30 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sz Version Details Vulnerabilities
31 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yt Version Details Vulnerabilities
32 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xi Version Details Vulnerabilities
33 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ze Version Details Vulnerabilities
34 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yo Version Details Vulnerabilities
35 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sxb Version Details Vulnerabilities
36 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xu Version Details Vulnerabilities
37 OS Cisco IOS 12.2su Version Details Vulnerabilities
38 OS Cisco IOS 12.2bx Version Details Vulnerabilities
39 OS Cisco IOS 12.2jk Version Details Vulnerabilities
40 OS Cisco IOS 12.2so Version Details Vulnerabilities
41 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixd Version Details Vulnerabilities
42 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xd Version Details Vulnerabilities
43 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yz Version Details Vulnerabilities
44 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yj Version Details Vulnerabilities
45 OS Cisco IOS 12.2svd Version Details Vulnerabilities
46 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xo Version Details Vulnerabilities
47 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ewa Version Details Vulnerabilities
48 OS Cisco IOS 12.2cz Version Details Vulnerabilities
49 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sb Version Details Vulnerabilities
50 OS Cisco IOS 12.2fz Version Details Vulnerabilities
51 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zp Version Details Vulnerabilities
52 OS Cisco IOS 12.2t Version Details Vulnerabilities
53 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yu Version Details Vulnerabilities
54 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yd Version Details Vulnerabilities
55 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xj Version Details Vulnerabilities
56 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zf Version Details Vulnerabilities
57 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yp Version Details Vulnerabilities
58 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sxd Version Details Vulnerabilities
59 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xv Version Details Vulnerabilities
60 OS Cisco IOS 12.2by Version Details Vulnerabilities
61 OS Cisco IOS 12.2l Version Details Vulnerabilities
62 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixe Version Details Vulnerabilities
63 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xe Version Details Vulnerabilities
64 OS Cisco IOS 12.2za Version Details Vulnerabilities
65 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yk Version Details Vulnerabilities
66 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sve Version Details Vulnerabilities
67 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xq Version Details Vulnerabilities
68 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ex Version Details Vulnerabilities
69 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sr Version Details Vulnerabilities
70 OS Cisco IOS 12.2 Version Details Vulnerabilities
71 OS Cisco IOS 12.2da Version Details Vulnerabilities
72 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sbc Version Details Vulnerabilities
73 OS Cisco IOS 12.2irb Version Details Vulnerabilities
74 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zu Version Details Vulnerabilities
75 OS Cisco IOS 12.2tpc Version Details Vulnerabilities
76 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yv Version Details Vulnerabilities
77 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ye Version Details Vulnerabilities
78 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zg Version Details Vulnerabilities
79 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yq Version Details Vulnerabilities
80 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sxe Version Details Vulnerabilities
81 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xw Version Details Vulnerabilities
82 OS Cisco IOS 12.2bz Version Details Vulnerabilities
83 OS Cisco IOS 12.2mb Version Details Vulnerabilities
84 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xk Version Details Vulnerabilities
85 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xf Version Details Vulnerabilities
86 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zb Version Details Vulnerabilities
87 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yl Version Details Vulnerabilities
88 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sw Version Details Vulnerabilities
89 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xr Version Details Vulnerabilities
90 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ey Version Details Vulnerabilities
91 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sra Version Details Vulnerabilities
92 OS Cisco IOS 12.2b Version Details Vulnerabilities
93 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixf Version Details Vulnerabilities
94 OS Cisco IOS 12.2dd Version Details Vulnerabilities
95 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sca Version Details Vulnerabilities
96 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixa Version Details Vulnerabilities
97 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zx Version Details Vulnerabilities
98 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xa Version Details Vulnerabilities
99 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yw Version Details Vulnerabilities
100 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yf Version Details Vulnerabilities
101 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sv Version Details Vulnerabilities
102 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yr Version Details Vulnerabilities
103 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sxf Version Details Vulnerabilities
104 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ya Version Details Vulnerabilities
105 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ca Version Details Vulnerabilities
106 OS Cisco IOS 12.2mc Version Details Vulnerabilities
107 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xl Version Details Vulnerabilities
108 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zh Version Details Vulnerabilities
109 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xg Version Details Vulnerabilities
110 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zc Version Details Vulnerabilities
111 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ym Version Details Vulnerabilities
112 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sx Version Details Vulnerabilities
113 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xs Version Details Vulnerabilities
114 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ez Version Details Vulnerabilities
115 OS Cisco IOS 12.2srb Version Details Vulnerabilities
116 OS Cisco IOS 12.2bc Version Details Vulnerabilities
117 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixg Version Details Vulnerabilities
118 OS Cisco IOS 12.2dx Version Details Vulnerabilities
119 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sga Version Details Vulnerabilities
120 OS Cisco IOS 12.2ixb Version Details Vulnerabilities
121 OS Cisco IOS 12.2zy Version Details Vulnerabilities
122 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xb Version Details Vulnerabilities
123 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yx Version Details Vulnerabilities
124 OS Cisco IOS 12.2yg Version Details Vulnerabilities
125 OS Cisco IOS 12.2sva Version Details Vulnerabilities
126 OS Cisco IOS 12.2xm Version Details Vulnerabilities
127 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xj Version Details Vulnerabilities
128 OS Cisco IOS 12.4jk Version Details Vulnerabilities
129 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(4)t2 Version Details Vulnerabilities
130 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)mr1 Version Details Vulnerabilities
131 OS Cisco IOS 12.4 Version Details Vulnerabilities
132 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xc Version Details Vulnerabilities
133 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(3a) Version Details Vulnerabilities
134 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(7a) Version Details Vulnerabilities
135 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)xa Version Details Vulnerabilities
136 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xt Version Details Vulnerabilities
137 OS Cisco IOS 12.4mr Version Details Vulnerabilities
138 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xk Version Details Vulnerabilities
139 OS Cisco IOS 12.4jl Version Details Vulnerabilities
140 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(5) Version Details Vulnerabilities
141 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)t Version Details Vulnerabilities
142 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(1) Version Details Vulnerabilities
143 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xd Version Details Vulnerabilities
144 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(3b) Version Details Vulnerabilities
145 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)xb Version Details Vulnerabilities
146 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xy Version Details Vulnerabilities
147 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xv Version Details Vulnerabilities
148 OS Cisco IOS 12.4sw Version Details Vulnerabilities
149 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(8) Version Details Vulnerabilities
150 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xl Version Details Vulnerabilities
151 OS Cisco IOS 12.4jma Version Details Vulnerabilities
152 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(5b) Version Details Vulnerabilities
153 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)t1 Version Details Vulnerabilities
154 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xe Version Details Vulnerabilities
155 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(23) Version Details Vulnerabilities
156 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(3d) Version Details Vulnerabilities
157 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(1b) Version Details Vulnerabilities
158 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)xb2 Version Details Vulnerabilities
159 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xw Version Details Vulnerabilities
160 OS Cisco IOS 12.4t Version Details Vulnerabilities
161 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(9)t Version Details Vulnerabilities
162 OS Cisco IOS 12.4jmb Version Details Vulnerabilities
163 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(6)t Version Details Vulnerabilities
164 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)t2 Version Details Vulnerabilities
165 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xm Version Details Vulnerabilities
166 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xf Version Details Vulnerabilities
167 OS Cisco IOS 12.4ja Version Details Vulnerabilities
168 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(4)mr Version Details Vulnerabilities
169 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(1c) Version Details Vulnerabilities
170 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xa Version Details Vulnerabilities
171 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(3) Version Details Vulnerabilities
172 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(6)t1 Version Details Vulnerabilities
173 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)t3 Version Details Vulnerabilities
174 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xn Version Details Vulnerabilities
175 OS Cisco IOS 12.4jx Version Details Vulnerabilities
176 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xg Version Details Vulnerabilities
177 OS Cisco IOS 12.4jda Version Details Vulnerabilities
178 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(4)t Version Details Vulnerabilities
179 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)mr Version Details Vulnerabilities
180 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xb Version Details Vulnerabilities
181 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(3)t2 Version Details Vulnerabilities
182 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(7) Version Details Vulnerabilities
183 OS Cisco IOS 12.4(2)t4 Version Details Vulnerabilities
184 OS Cisco IOS 12.4xp Version Details Vulnerabilities
185 OS Cisco IOS 12.4md Version Details Vulnerabilities
186 OS Cisco Ios S 12.4 Version Details Vulnerabilities
187 OS Cisco Ios T 12.4 Version Details Vulnerabilities
188 OS Cisco Ios Xr 12.4 Version Details Vulnerabilities

- Number Of Affected Versions By Product

Vendor Product Vulnerable Versions
Cisco IOS 185
Cisco Ios S 1
Cisco Ios T 1
Cisco Ios Xr 1

- References For CVE-2009-0637
XF ios-scp-priv-escalation(49423)
BID 34247 Cisco IOS Secure Copy Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Release Date:2009-03-25
VUPEN ADV-2009-0851
CISCO 20090325 Cisco IOS Software Secure Copy Privilege Escalation Vulnerability CONFIRM
SECTRACK 1021899

- Metasploit Modules Related To CVE-2009-0637

There are not any metasploit modules related to this CVE entry (Please visit for more information)

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